1 May 2009


Dreams are where you relive memories,
a special time gone forever.
Dreams can take you to far away places,
that are only there while you sleep.

Dreams can make you smile or make you cry,
but when you wake you must say goo-bye.
Dreamers can be what they want to be.
Dreamers are you and me.

Dreams are where you can see things,
that can no-longer be.
Dreams can take me to you,
no-matter where you are.
Dreams can make me smile or make me cry,
I never want to wake if I have to say good-bye...



Dream only for those who miss the real thing. Dreama are for those who has only hope. Dreams are for those who sleeps alot!

oshin68 said...

Tidoq sat pun blh mimpi tau!!!Anyway tq....