5 January 2010

York,England (29-30 Dec 09)

York is one of England's beautiful historic cities, located in the north of England in the county of North Yorkshire. York has over 2000 years of history, preserved to see today in it's beautiful architecture. From The Romans, Vikings and Normans to the Georgians and Victorians, they have all left a lasting impression on city. One of the first places to visit is .

York Castle (of which Clifford's Tower is a part) is a fortification in the city of York, England. The principal remains of the 13th century - 14th century castle are the keep and some of the curtain wall. From its start in 1068 through to the English Civil War, the castle had an eventful history.

The Shambles is the oldest street in York and is even mentioned in the Doomsday Book. Many of the lovely buildings are over 600 years old.
It was originally a street full of butchers and at one point in time there were as many as 26 butchers in the street.

York Minster, which dominates York's skyline, and is one of the largest and magnificent Gothic Cathedrals in Europe

York Minster

Tembok yang mengelilingi city of York

National Railway museum..

Singgah di Wetherby...lepas gian main ice skating...

The Enchanted Wood is 1.2km trail which winds its way through ancient woodland is a mixture of theatre and fantasy and is illuminated at night by a host of spectacular light effects.

Singgah umah kawan eyja di Leeds...

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